Successful Cooperation Amongst EPN Members

We are glad to present you a project update that involve a collaboration between members of EPN.

Transportation of 4 big items from Switzerland to Antwerp

Items details:
1 silo / 2500 x 590 x 590cm / 100 tons
1 silo / 2500 x 590 x 590cm / 100 tons
1 silo / 2500 x 520 x 520cm / 90 tons
1 boiler / 100 x 550 x 550cm / 135 tons

The 7WL-Team in Switzerland is directly busy at the beginning of the new year with the first challengingtransports from Switzerland to Antwerp.

Las t year the dismantling team of project manager Michal Makowski, Company POL-Inowex were dismantling 4 big items from the plant.

Due to the fact that the tunnels around the area in Switzerland are not allowing to go directly to Basel and takethe barge to Antwerp the 7WL team together with their good partner ITS from Reinach, Switzerland is workingon solutions to get the most economic way to deliver the units to the storage area in Antwerp. Several routesurveys and studies are being done, different types of truck and trailer gets checked and also different routingsto the south & west are being checked.

As per today’s point of view, the transport is scheduled to be done by the end of January till end of February which means looking on the calendar only a few weeks to go.

Well done 7 Worldwide Logistics GmbH and ITS International Transport & Shipping Ltd. teams!

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