Who We Are


The Exclusive Project Network was founded in April 2021 with the clear vision to form a global group of high-class experts in the field of project – and heavy lift – logistics. We do not accept low-quality companies, our network is made by professionals for  professionals that possess outstanding Know-How in project-logistics.


The quality control on our members results in a specific and exclusive business environment: Potential members undergo a strict admissions procedure to meet our entry requirements. This produces a first-class, high-quality business network. Besides the members that are listed for countries they are representing, we have a partnernerships segment that distinguishes us from other networks. Our partners add special value to our members by providing strategic business opportunities that help their businesses to leap forward to a competitive advantage.

Our strategic vision is to go much further for our members than simply holding an Annual Meeting. We want our members to find the right partner in every corner of the world and to establish qualitative and long-lasting business relationships. The membership in EPN will allow logistics experts to join forces with the most professional colleagues all over the world and this will enable both partners to widen their services, that can be offered to customer. 

For the registration of new members in the Exclusive Project Network, we have implemented the earlier mentioned application process in order to maintain control of the quality of the members of our network. The process is divided into two steps: in the first step, we ask to the candidate members to provide us with:   

  • Two project references (facts and pictures)
  • Two customer references
  • A company presentation including all key aspects such as office location(s), services, number of employees, etc.

Once your references are approved, we will send you a full registration form in order to create a membership agreement, the invoice and your company profile on our website.

The unique mixture of German accuracy and Italian Creativity together with a REAL EXCLUSIVITY makes EPN a very outstanding organization amongst all other existing project networks worldwide!


Respecting the Exclusive Project Network’s Code of Ethics, is a prerequisite for becoming EPN member and for maintaining membership.
Our Code of Ethics is based on respecting other Members by replying as soon as possible to their requests, providing prompt payment of their invoices, supplying correct information and offering help, should any problems arises during shipments.

The Code of Ethics is mandatory for all Exclusive Project Network members.

All relationships between companies, as well as personal relationships, must be based on honesty, fairness, loyalty, mutual respect and professionalism.

All exchanges of information between companies and people must follow and respect all International Privacy Laws.

Protecting and respecting the environment should always be a top priority, especially in the transport fields, and all companies that operate in this sector must maintain a strong commitment to developing their services according to these principles.

By completing the “Membership Request Form” or the “Join Us” form, the Members automatically accept EPN Code of Ethics.

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