Our new supporter – WOF SUMMIT

What good news.

EPN is introducing WOF SUMMIT as our new supporter! 

WOF SUMMIT is a two-day international B2B event that seeks to bring fresh soil for new business opportunities within the whole “New Europe” region. Their goal is to become the largest and most innovative platform in the supply chain world in the CEE. WOF (the World of Freight) covers all modes of transports and technology under one umbrella and shows the importance of Central and Eastern Europe which became a power house for key sectors as automotive,  electronics,  manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, perishables, aerospace,  retail, agribusiness, chemical, FMCG, construction and energy.

Do not miss out on their upcoming WOF Summit Vienna on 22-23rd March in Vienna, Austria.

If you are a shipper, you get a FREE ticket to the whole event!

▶️ www.wofsummit.com/

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