Our member Viking last great job!

Our member Viking Project Logistics has just finished a project “Securing Process of 8x Caissons”.

Securing Process of 8x Caissons

Cargo details: 8x CAISSONS

Dimension: L 25 MT X W 5.5 MT X H 1,65 MT – 40 TONS / PCS

Place of Loading: Ankara, Turkey

Port of Loading: Iskenderun Limak Port, Turkey

Viking Project Logistics has just finished a challenging project this week.

They organized a lashing/securing process on trucks and delivered to Limak Port, Iskenderun within 1 week.

It is also their responsability to load the Caissons into the vessel. The project was finished smoothly, and the client was satisfied with the result they delivered.

They are not done yet. They will go on next week with other 16xCaissons and excited to face the challenge ahead.


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