Our Member EXG completes a Multimodal Movement from India to Bangladesh For Galvanised Transmission Line Towers & Parts – 4740 MT


Express Global Logistics successfully completed the movement of Galvanised Transmission line towers & parts for one of the largest Infrastructure construction companies. The 4740 MT of transmission line towers was shipped via 6 Barge trips. The total distance covered for each lot from the shipper’s works to the final site in Bangladesh was about 3110 KM.

The transport at origin had various challenges and one of the major ones was arranging 207 trailers for the movement of cargo from shipper’s works to the port without any delays as the barging windows at load port were short and precise. EXG seamlessly completed export clearance, port handling, loading on a barge at origin so as to avoid any vessel detention or port storage charges. The loading on barges was done under the supervision of EXG’s well experienced team ensuring no damage to the cargo. A swift discharge at Bangladesh due to timely import documentation and clearance ensured smooth port handling and delivery at the final site by EXG’s team.

The successful delivery was possible only as a result of extensive and precise transport planning. Seamless handling of bundled cargo was done.to maximize the space on the barges ensuring absolute stability for sea voyages.

The thorough sequencing of cargo while loading ensured smooth and proper segregation of cargo to the destination as the deliveries were planned to more than 9 separate locations across Bangladesh.

Due to EXG’s planning. and pre-empting along with overcoming challenges before they could arise. Led to the success of this movement. EXG is proud to have maintained committed timelines which were possible only because of its foresight and rigour.

? Do not hesitate to contact with them:

TEL : +91-22-67869805

Mobile – +91 9819393936


Website : https://exglogistics.com/

LinkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/company/express-global-logistics/posts/?feedView=all

Excellent job done by EXG Team!

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