KGE Global Logistics in early summer 2022 was nominated by Lysander Shipping to transport 26 x ISO tanks with Gas Oil from Jebel Ali to Qarshi, Uzbekistan and empty tanks back to the lessor in Antwerp.

26 x 20ft ISO SOC tanks, (DG) Class 2 GAS OIL movement from Jebel Ali to Qarshi and delivered to Antwerp

It was a multimodal shipment moved from UAE to Turkey, Qarshi (Uzbekistan) where all the tanks where emptied and then from Qarshi to Poti Port(Georgia), from where they were transported until Antwerp, Belgium.

Despite the Challenges of different ports and DG sea and road movement along with their approvals it was safely delivered at Qarshi and then empty tanks were delivered to the customer at their warehouse at Antwerp.

KGE provided complete process including movements and survey reports along with DGR approvals. All the material was emptied in the Qarshi and from there cleaning certificates along with all the required formalities empty tanks were then transported and delivered to customer at Antwerp, Belgium.

With their new branch in UAE as  KGE Global Logistics they are able to reach further into middle east and GCC with the best services putting them on top of handling project cargo across the world.

Please contract them for any projects or requests on : and

Once again KGE succeeded to handle this project with complete professionalism and customer satisfaction.

Well done KGE Global Logisics team!

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