EXG Moved OD Cargo

A well planned and carefully coordinated OD cargo was moved from Dahej -Gujarat to Barmer Rajasthan in a timely manner.

The Express Global Logistics (EXG) team transported 2 HP Drums: A Cold HP Separator Drum with dimensions L13.3 m x W 6.2 m x H 6.6 m weighing 205MT and a Hot HP Separator Drum with dimensions L 23.3m x W 6 m x H 6.6 m weighing 297MT.

The team faced heavy non seasonal rains and overcame unexpected road conditions due to the sudden change in weather.

Civil work had to be done in several areas in Gujarat to ensure the safe movement through it.

During the arduous journey the critical height of the cargo demanded the structure of a toll plaza be dismantled and redone to accommodate the movement of the cargo

The EXG team safely delivered the ODC cargo as promised well within the time frame.

Well done Express Global Logistics (EXG) team!

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