EXG – Efficiently Moves 40 MVA Transformer From India to Door Philippines

EXG performed a successful voyage with on-time delivery of transformers and accessories, from the west coast of India destined for Leyte, Philippines.

The transformer was moved on RORO vessel and the accessories were moved separately in containers.

Having to cross multiple islands to connect to the mainland in the Philippines, the cargo measuring 5.2 meters in length, 3.5 meters wide, and 3.5 meters in height and weighing 59MT required extreme precision and careful planning.

At destination transformer covered 610 km of challenging road segments on hydraulic axles from the discharge port to one of the Philippine islands further to the multiple LCT loading points situated on different islands during the transit, which was challenging due to the multimodal transport operations of moving from land to water multiple times during the entire journey to connect with the mainland.

A thorough route survey was conducted to ensure efficient road transportation, necessitating the selection of alternative routes due to bridge limitations. Another challenge posed was the tight timeline schedule for transformer installation, replacing an old transformer at the site.

EXG overcame the challenges through effective coordination, meticulous planning, strategic manoeuvring and successful coordination with the vessel at the origin to avoid missing the LCT vessels at the destination, thereby shortening the delivery time instead of waiting for another LCT vessel for an entire week.

Subsequently, the transformer was transported to its ultimate destination and carefully unloaded from the hydraulic axles at the offloading location using jacking and skidding operation. The complete voyage was executed with preciseness and flawless planning, ensuring the safe and efficient handling of cargo.

Amazing job EXG

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