EXG Completes The Movement of Manifold Pipes from Mundra to Sohar

Express Global Logistics recently completed the movement of Manifold Pipes from Mundra Gujarat to Majis Industrial Estate Sohar, through a Break Bulk Operation on container vessel.

The package was of the following dimensions: L – 19.60 (m) X W – 6.50 (m) X H – 3.80 (m) which was shipped from West coast of India to the Sohar port and further delivery to final site.

The scope of the project included berthing a container vessel on a bulk terminal as this was not a regular carrier. The EXG team had to secure several permits and approvals to berth a container vessel on a bulk terminal. The team required coordination and approvals from different authorities.

An additional shore crane was necessary for the lifting operations and had to be arranged at short notice, keeping in mind the weight and dimensions of the package. It was well thought out and executed with the time constraint faced.

EXG closely coordinated with the shipping line, terminal, and port officials to load the cargo as the vessel berthed there. This required precision, safety, and stability parameters in place.

EXG made it cost-effective for the client by using break bulk on container vessels instead of conventional break bulk. EXG was responsible for the door delivery of the cargo at the destination port which included receiving the package under hook alongside the vessel, custom clearance of the package, and then transporting it on axles to the final delivery site. The final delivery was challenging as obstacle removal enroute was required including dismantling of obstacles at the final site, which was arranged and coordinated successfully along with EXG partner in Oman. 

EXG’s ability to overcome unexpected challenges with a solution and problem-solving approach made for a timely delivery of the cargo and happy clients.?

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