Allfort Co., Inc founded in March, 2005


Logistics is similar to meeting people from different cultures and languages-
If you can feel the people’s “kindness”, and feel “relief” from it, you may be a “lifelong partner”.
We listen to our customers day and night, look at things from a global perspective, and gain our trust so that we can become the foundation for seeing the world without being prejudiced.
As a company that contributes to society, we will work together to connect the world through logistics.


Competitive price

The relationship they have built with partners of the world. The logistics cost can be further reduced by non asset.

Routes based on customers’ demands

Using their reliable partners effectively, they provide detailed shipping services from door to door.

Large・Heavy・Project cargo

More than 120 countries they are able to provide shipping services by their network specialized in large cargo.

Welcome to Exclusive Project Network, ALLFORT CO., INC!

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Covered Areas

One Country, one Exclusive Project Network member.

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