C.H. Robinson handles 70+ worldwide shipments to Turkey.

The project logistics team at C.H. Robinson recently undertook a large project to help transport 720 pieces of equipment that weighed a total of 2,463 metric tons. The job spanned 16 months and included nine origin countries, three ocean charters (out of Italy, Korea, and UAE), and took 70+ shipments to complete. 

The components were sourced from locations across the globe and transported to Turkey, their final destination, through various means, including vessels, barges, and SPMTs. The heaviest piece weighed 109,960 kilograms and the largest measured 57.9 x 3.6 x 4.1 meters.
The project was moving smoothly until a surge in COVID-19 cases caused industry delays. This included one of the charter vessels being held up outside of Korea for 3-4 days until the entire crew could be tested for COVID-19.

Additionally, the team had to work quickly in a congested logistics market to ensure the vessel out of Italy sailed before the permits expired. Due to their relationships and scale, C.H. Robinson was able to sort out any issues and the charter was discharged on time.  

As usual a great job C.H. Robinson team!

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