C.H. Robinson Europe recently handled a large project for a construction site in France. 

A total of over 2060 freight tons was shipped and delivered just in time when the site was requiring the equipment for installation and erection.

The shipment consisted of 43 packages of which 4 major silos, some hoppers, drums and other voluminous cargo.

Upon arrival at destination port Le Havre the projects team had to arrange for unexpected temporary storage due to some construction delays at site and this during a congested logistics market. They also had to coordinate perfectly the deliveries taking into account the truck availabilities when site was ready to receive, avoiding permit expirations and taking into account the availability of cranes for offloading at the construction site in France. In the end C.H. Robinson was able to sort out any issues and this resulted in having a happy client and on time delivery.

Well done C.H. Robinson team!

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