ACT SHIPPING – New Milestone

ACT Shipping has joined The Maritime Anti-Corruption Network .

ACT Shipping is involved in all port activities in Mauritania and offers various services related to maritime business and land transportation. ACT Shipping is a medium sized company with over 35 year experience in all logistical fields in most businesses in Mauritania. ACT Shipping is determined to comply with transparent procedure and fight corruption at Mauritanian ports.

ACT Mission

Is to constantly improve every aspect of their services to their clients and partners. Their employees form a service driven team working for the common goal of the group. Their loyalty, qualifications, competence and training are rewarded and motivated by management, as some of them will one day lead the company.

Management actively supports and guides the company with the latest use of information technology in order to direct the teams and resources to reach the corporate goals.

Their clients will benefit from this as they will recognise and their team for its personal and direct service from all levels of the company, up to the owners themselves.

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