Since its inception in 1946, Express Global Logistics (EXG) has grown into a leading and trusted provider of comprehensive logistics services. For over 75 years, they have been committed to providing transparent and seamless supply chain solutions for customers.

EXG transports complex cargo weighing 191 MT in the middle of Cyclone Tauktae from Pune to Kerala via Barges

EXG Transported 3 different types of cargo to complete the project:

  • A shrinkage section and settling chamber weld with dimensions of L-9.9 (m) x W-5.7 (m) x H-5.8 (m) weighing 129 MT. This was transported on 10 hydraulic axes.
  • A Silencer section group measuring L- 5.2 (m) x L- 5.9 (m) x H- 6.1 (m) weighing 62 MT. This was transported on 8 hydraulic axles with saddles.
  • 100 packs of Accessories

The inclement weather, particularly the onset of Cyclone Tauktae, greatly increased the complexity of the project. Once the cyclone cleared, the EXG engineering team conducted a technical and risk assessment to convince authorities to allow the break-in during a torrential downpour. Due to the harsh monsoons, the pier had to be rebuilt in Ulwe. Moving forward from Kollam to the site was also challenging due to the monsoons.

Desalinator ship transport (248 MT) from EXG Express Global Logistics (EXG) performed a transport for a renowned project company to transport two Desalter vessels weighing 248 MT each, from Gujarat to Rajasthan. The ship had dimensions of L – 33.65 (m) XW – 4.6 (m) XH – 4.85 (m) and was loaded by an industrial company in Gandhidham, Gujarat. The company is a process and project engineering company with offices around the world and headquartered in Pune Maharashtra. The cargo was to be delivered to an oil refinery in Barmer, Rajasthan, which covered a distance of 630 km.

Express Global Logistics (EXG) has been awarded the contract to move a 38 meter long amine regenerator from North West India to South East India from a leading EPC engineering, procurement and construction contractor. The customer is a global leader in hydrogen production, processing, storage and distribution. The distance of about 1500 km was covered in 30 days on a 14 axis + 10 meter central spacer. The experience of moving the regenerator was unique mainly due to its length with dimensions of 38.3 x 2.33 x 2.37 meters and the time required to complete the movement. The length of the package represented an interesting technical challenge for our engineers.


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