A new year with a bang for our members!

31st December Evening 2021..for an ongoing project in Atyrau,Kazakshtan the client calls and requests a charter flight for cargo getting ready on 4th January 2022 from Kuwait..

When the entire world is busy preparing for the new year eve we at Goodrich were looking for a charter operator and we found one,booked the flight..an airbus 300.

Made all arrangements to pick it up with our preferred Middile east partner Polaris Shipping and the flight was to depart from Sharjah airport on 7th..and then on 4th January Emergency was declared in Kazakhstan and we lost contact/no internet with the rest of the world,no fax working , it was followed by complete unrest in Kazakhstan with Army on the ground and we were all sitting inside the house hearing Grenades go off and machine gun fire.

On 5th morning at 4 AM we got a 30 minute window to call again our charter partner and Rajesh@Polaris and ensured all in order.
There was difficulties even in the border crossing but Polaris managed to do it well and the end product against all odds the flight landed on 7th January 2022 in Atyrau airport carrying a top urgent cargo for the biggest oil field here in Kazakshtan.

This was the most difficult in terms of having no communication with the rest of the world, no internet,no fax, just having good partners and a belief that we can pull it off !

A great start to a new year …

Well done GOODRICH MARITIME PVT. LTD and Polaris Shipping Agencies LLC team!

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