7WL managed to sent out next big items from site to Antwerp

After a lot of meetings locally and discussions with dismantling company, customer and all involved companies, 7WL was able to send out the next big items from site.

As per their last update some weeks ago, they were looking for an option to transport silo parts from site to Antwerp.

Finally they found the agreement, that the units can be cut in a way so that it was workable to send them to local inland port of Basel.

Final transport dimensions were:

8 units / 580 x 580 x 298cm / 10 tons each

2 units / 540 x 540 x 200cm / 9 tons each

2 units / 563 x 563 x 298cm / 9,5 tons each

2 units / 600 x 580 x 424cm / 31,5 tons each

1 unit / 1400 x 485 x 465cm / 35 tons

1 unit / 1187 x 485 x 465cm / 45 tons

They had narrow roads and many bridges on the way to Basel which made the transport very difficult.

The vehicles were on the road between 1 – 3 nights. Of course this was depending on the size of the parts and the weather conditions.

A lot of snow on the route was the reason, why the transport took longer then expected.

Now they will have a break of about 3-4 weeks till the next quite huge times will be get loaded.

Well done 7 Worldwide Logistics GmbH team!

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