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We are glad to announce that Heavy Industry Logistics has joined EPN as a member from Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda.

Heavy Industry Logistics Ltd. (HiLOG) is a team of coordinators and project managers. They build tailor made solutions specifically for each client’s project and unique requirements. Communication is key to their approach and they pride theirselves on the open and direct dialogue they share with their clients. Being a 4PL project management logistics provider means their core objective is high quality service delivery. They focus their time and expertise in selecting the right components for each project as per their client’s requirements, not finding a solution that works for their own interests. They are highly adaptable, flexible, scalable and respected by the major vendors in the industry.


At HiLOG their primary purpose is to deliver value to you, their heavy industry sector clients, through the facilitation of high quality, outcome-focused services, whilst keeping your overheads and risks as low as possible. With each project they undertake, they work closely with you to ensure that their service supports your key business objectives.

▶️ PROJECT LOGISTICS is the foundation that HiLOG was built on. They thrive on the challenge of finding solutions to move your cargo by any means, safely, to your required location, whatever the obstacles.

▶️ GENERAL LOGISTICS is their daily business. They offer their industrial sector clients reliable and affordable general freight forwarding, clearing and delivery services.

▶️ EAST AFRICAN TRANSSHIPMENT SERVICES support their clients to move their cargo to hard-to-reach locations. For example: areas that regular liner carriers don’t serve; where port infrastructure is poor; road authorities have tight weight and dimensional restrictions or there is local instability.

▶️ PROJECT SUPPORT SERVICES: introduced in 2016 with the aim of supporting their clients whilst they focus on their core business of developing large scale industrial projects.


  • OIL & GAS

Across Africa these industries represent growth, positivity and opportunities. Whilst they are individually different they are all inter-linked and ultimately achieve the same ideals: improved economies, livelihoods and more opportunities for everyone. As each project is completed they can see the evidence of progress. Each project offers them its own unique challenge: every piece of project cargo has to be handled individually and has different requirements and priorities. These are the kind of challenges that drive the team at HiLOG.

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Welcome to EPN, Heavy Industry Logistics!

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