Beginning of this month C.H.Robinson succesfully loaded a complete mobile substation on board of ms HOEGH TARGET in Antwerp port.  The complete set consists of 7 trailers of which 3 are heavy transformer trailers weighing 179 Tons each, and which are the biggest of its kind in the world.  Due to the complex situation on the RoRo-market, it took them months to prepare and find a suitable vessel as only a few have sufficient ramp capacity to load such heavy trailers.  Thanks to the good coordination between all parties involved they managed to find this suitable vessel around the shipment readiness date.

It was also a challenge as C.H.Robinson had to find their own suitable heavy duty trucks to pull and push these heavy trailers from quay to inside the vessel which were booked under free in/out terms.  Other exciting fact is that this was the heaviest cargo ever transported on Hoegh Autoliner RORO vessels (which they can only be proud of off course!).

The trailers have in the meantime safely arrived at Jeddah Seaport where they were unloaded by their own means on free out terms and now waiting on the last mile transportation to site.

Freight details:

3 Trafo trailers : 26,00 x 3,90 x 4,70 m – 179 tons each

1 HV Mobile trailer : 17,00 x 3,00 x 4,40 m -33 tons

1 MV Mobile trailer : 15,50 x 3,00 x 4,50 m – 30 tons

1 LV Mobile trailer : 14,50 x 3,10 x 4,48 m – 24 tons

1 Container mobile station : 12,20 x 2,50 x 4,30 m – 37 tons

Project scope of work : from Antwerp port to final site in Saudi Arabia.

For all project inquiries, please contact :

Hard work pays off ? Good job C.H. Robinson

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